Earthday 2022

Earth day 2022 isn’t what we imagined it would be in 1992.

Who would imagine that there would be a land war in Europe again.

Millions of people unable to work.

Nothing hurts human civilization more than War.

But we are fighting a war against nature all along.

Imposing our will on nature.

Nature will win. She is playing the long game.

We will lose.

There is no saving the Earth.

Earth day isn’t about Earth.

It is about saving human civilization.

Earth was hear long before humans showed up.

It will be here for a long time after we are gone.

Make this the year we do things differently.

Walk/bike/bus/train to work more.

Drive less.

Reduce food waste.

Buy organic and regenerative food.

Buy used.

Enjoy what you have.


Published by Donald Nordeng

Donald Nordeng is the CEO of BioGro New Zealand, the largest organic certification company in New Zealand. Born in Madison, Wisconsin, he has dedicated over 25 years of service to help CEOs achieve organic certification and access foreign markets. Donald has lived and worked in Japan, New Zealand and other parts of Asia and is the recognized expert authority in organic certification. His 6 key principles to help companies refine and grow their businesses organically has helped many internationally known brands such as Amy’s Kitchen, Muir Glen, Kikkoman, and Suntory. He lives with his family in Wellington, New Zealand.

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